How To Appeal Against Amazon Seller Suspension?

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8 min readApr 27, 2021
Amazon Suspension Appeal

E-commerce is constantly growing for a few decades, and for past few years we’ve seen tremendous worldwide growth in online marketing. But all of this suddenly changes as we enter the year 2020, the pandemic has changed its shape & course, such boom in the industry has never been seen until recently. Over two billion people purchase goods or services online in the year 2020, and with the increase in online customers there’s come a Tsunami of online sellers as well.

With the pandemic going on for a year now, large number of sellers has turned online, so many of them are getting their companies registered with leading e-commerce giants like AMAZON. It’s been a great year for amazon sellers as their sales increased & hence the profit. But may not be so great for third-party sellers because with this sudden rise in the no. of sellers, amazon has also changed its rules & regulations or has added new policies regarding the seller account of which most of the sellers are not aware, thus sellers face suspension of their accounts.

For many sellers, their Amazon seller account is the sole source of earning their bread & soup, & for many others, suspension of their seller account is a major risk to their income and reputation and the whole process of reinstatement of Amazon seller account can be very tiring & stressful. If you’re dealing with suspension of your seller account do not worry, we, Aplus Global Ecommerce are here to help you with reinstatement/ re-activation of your Amazon seller account ASAP.

Everyday hundreds of seller account gets suspended, denied or banned by Amazon, don’t panic if this happens to you because we will guide you through the whole process of getting your Amazon seller account back & will tell you how you can protect your Amazon seller account. We, at Aplus Global Ecommerce help sellers through all the process & procedures needed to reinstate a seller account; first we analyze the seller account, find out where the problem lies & then advances with best Plan of Action suitable for your seller account.

There are many sellers, who do not keep them updated with the changing policies regarding the seller account on Amazon, and there are many who don’t consider these policies important, as a result they end up getting their seller account suspended by Amazon.

Here’s a bunch of things you should now about suspension of an Amazon seller account. Other than getting a suspension, your account might be denied or banned. Don’t know the difference between these 3 terms? Don’t worry, let us make it easier for you to understand.

What’s the difference between these three terms?

1. Suspension — when you receive an email stating that your Amazon seller account has been suspended due to violation of some of their policies, it means that your account has been temporarily put on hold and that you have a chance of submitting your appeal letter & getting your account reinstated.

2. Denied- when you get a notification that says your seller account has been denied, it means that your appeal letter was rejected & you need to write again your appeal letter with revised Plan of Action. Thankfully it’s not the worst case scenario and you still got a chance to reinstate your Amazon seller account.

3. Banned — It means your several attempts of getting your account reinstate/ re-active has failed more than once & your seller account will no longer exist on Amazon. It’s the worst nightmare of a seller.

Here are few mistakes that sellers commit knowingly or unknowingly which led to suspension of their Amazon seller account:

· Selling of restricted items.

· Selling of used articles as a brand new one.

· Putting up false advertisements; buyers often complaint that they didn’t get the exact item they saw on the advertisement.

· Cancellation of orders: because of not managing the stock inventories properly or due to any other reason if the orders are getting cancelled more often, then it’s a matter of concern for you.

· Selling of branded products without having the permission from the respective brands.

· Failure of delivery of items within the given time.

· Poor review & feedback from your potential customers; do your best to provide good quality products to your customers so as to get good ratings & positive feedbacks which in return will help you achieve better seller performance ratings.

· Creating a new seller account- after a seller’s account got suspended, the seller immediately creates a new seller account on Amazon thinking that Amazon won’t be able to find out what the seller has done. You should never ever create a seller account without rectifying the suspended account. This may lead your account to get permanently banned.

Thus, we advise you to take care of these things & also stick to other rules & regulations provided by Amazon for its sellers. Click here to see the Amazon seller’s policies. You may find that most of their policies are customer centric & you may be upset with them, but trust us, it’s in your best interest to follow those policies. But there are many sellers out there who try their best to follow Amazon’s seller policy but also end up getting their seller account suspended.

Thus, here at Aplus Global Ecommerce, we help you from the very beginning so that you’ll not have to face your worst nightmares in life. We have a team of experts who has several years of expertise in this field & is very capable of solving any issues with the Amazon seller account. Here’s a brief description of what Aplus Global Ecommerce do to help you get back your seller account within very short period of time.


We know how stressful it is to see your account get suspended all of a sudden without having a proper understanding of what went wrong. This is a dire situation for sellers whose sole income comes from selling products online, because once the account get suspended, your money got stuck until your account get reinstated or re-activates. And under this great depression, seller often use various improper methods to resolve the issue, most common mistake they do is, he immediately creates new account or he himself writes an Amazon Appeal Letter without having an effective Plan of Action which results in rejection of appeal letter by Amazon.

· First of all, we analyze your seller account, find the cause of your account suspension.

· Our expert will talk to you, give you consultations, & after finding out the errors in your account, we will make the best Plan of Action profitable for your seller account.

· We write attractive & effective appeal letter for you so that your seller account gets reinstated as early as possible. Some of our client’s even got their account back within a span of 24 hours.

· You can contact us even if your seller account get denied, don’t worry, you’ve still got a chance. We’ve a team of experienced professionals whose sole task is to resolve issues relating to the seller account. They will write an appealing letter to the upper management team of Amazon, stating all the errors committed by you & will apologies & will also give proper justifications for how and why you violated their policies. We will try to get your Amazon seller account gets reinstated as early as possible.

· If your account has been suspended even if you are not violating Amazon’s seller policies, our team will help you in taking legal action.

· Getting your seller account hacked is one of the rarest case that might happen to some sellers, which also results in suspension of your account, but do not fret, we’ve got your back even in this worst case scenario, as our team has years of experience & will get your account back by every means possible.

All you need to do is, contact our team via email ( ), phone ( +1 775–737–0087 )or social media after your account gets a suspension, you need not to worry, our team will do everything to help you out. With Aplus Global Ecommerce, you seller account is in good hands, just relax & get your account reinstated within no time. If you have any other issues with your seller account you’re welcome to reach us anytime, our team is specialized in dealing with any issue relating to Amazon seller account.

Given below is a list of few things you should NOT do after your account is suspended:

1. Do not create new seller account as soon as your account gets suspended, it’ll get you in trouble because Amazon can identify you even if you have created the new account with another name. Doing so will reduce your chances of getting your account reinstated.

2. Don’t hurry to write your appeal letter, conduct a thorough investigation of your account, pay attention to all the notifications you get for violating Amazon’s policies. Don’t submit your appeal letter without a proper Plan of Action.

3. Don’t write many appeal letters after your first appeal letter gets rejected, or before you get any response from the Amazon’s team, wait patiently for their response. Don’t be in such haste, any wrong step taken might lead to denial or dismissal of your account.

4. Don’t criticize Amazon’s product quality process.

5. Don’t accuse buyers or Amazon forms for suspension of your account, doing so will adversely affect your account, you won’t profit anything by doing this. Amazon is a client driven online marketing platform where majority of terms & conditions are favorable for buyers, hence try not to write anything which offend the customers.

6. Don’t be rude to Seller Performance when they don’t reply you back, don’t be in a fit of rage, stay calm and try to get help from the Seller Performance in a composed manner. There are hundreds of accounts that get suspended daily, so it might take long for Seller Performance to reply you back.


We have a team of experts who are ex-Amazonian & have years of experience in this field. We are a reputed company & take pride in our work, all our strategies and approaches are tailor made according to the needs of each & every client of ours. We are just a call away, you can reach us anytime regarding any issues you’re facing with your seller account, be it related to account suspension or account denied, if you want we can also help you with managing your seller account to get better seller performance score, you can get advice regarding advertising, marketing, etc. we are happy to help you anytime.